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  • Add Anonymous Assignment grading into Sakai 10.3
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OutcomeKeep Anonymous grading of Assignments. This is for Assignment 1 tool and not Assignment 2.
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OwnerNeal Caidin 


Note: this got merged into 10.x before the proposal officially passed. Therefore the decision was whether to revert the change and we decided against that.

Proposal: Include the feature for anonymous grading in the assignment tool in the 10.3 release [1], off by default [2]. (Note: the feature has already been merged into 10.x, so we would have to revert changes to remove it.)

The feature been tested by Western University in production successfully since September 2014. University of Cape Town has also been running this on 10.x successfully. S2U (Spanish speaking users group) has tested it in 10.x . As was mentioned, the change is off by default in 10.x (10.3) . There are new strings introduced:
grading.anonymous=Anonymous grading
grading.anonymous.title=anonymous withheld)

Being off by default means the change is non-disruptive to the user experience. We will not turn this on by default until 10.4 or later to allow time for string translations.

Time frame:

By lazy consensus everyone in the development community is encouraged to provide feedback and input, though the final decision rests with the PMC. If they do not hear any objections by Tuesday, December 2, 2014, then the proposal will be considered as passing.

For reference see the Maintenance Branch Merge Policy [3].

[1] New feature -

[2] Disabled by default -

[3] Maintenance Branch Merge policy -

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