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Add new documents as they become available to enable others to correctly use your resources.

Data Provisioning

Add new provisioning resources as they become available to the list below.

Grinder Scripts

All scripts are designed to work against a non-branded Sakai environment. All require the helper script listed below.

Grinder "Helper" Scripts

Additional scripts that simplify the overall testing process.  For Grinder 3.x, this script requires jython 2.2.1.  Be sure to include the jython.jar from this package in your classpath!!!

Sample and Core Sakai Test Scenarios 

Sample scenario intended to assist those creating scenarios for the first time. Core Sakai scenarios will be established at the time of specific release QA testing.

  • Sample scenario (forthcoming)
  • Sakai Core Baseline scenario (TBD)

Results Area

Results from performance testing should be posted under the appropriate Sakai Release.  Please use the provided template to include comparable information.

  • Posting template (forthcoming)

Sakai Release 2.5.x