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  • Teaching with Sakai Webinar Series 2012-2013
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Host one online presentation per month beginning in September 2012 - May 2013 -- and represent a variety of institution types, disciplines, and countries.


  • Identify a faculty member at your institution who would be willing to demonstrate some aspect of his/her course that works well, has learning impact
  • Is willing to be recorded during the session
  • Can do 15-20 minutes of show & tell online (perhaps screen shots to reduce some of the technical glitches that will inevitably ensue) followed by facilitated Q&A
  • Recorded & made available online for later viewing
Sign up below if you are interested... more to come!
Jon Haysjonmhays@berkeley.eduUC Berkeley 
Francesca Socolickfs61@nyu.eduNYU 
Tonco Tijdemantdm@hdh.nlHotelschool The Hague 
Amber D. Evans-Marcuamber.marcu@gmail.comVT, Methodist College, rSmart 
Kim Ekekim_eke@unc.eduUNC-Chapel Hill 
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