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February 22, 2012


3 pm ET (12 pm PT)
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Posted after session

Increasing Student Engagement with the Sakai Wiki

Dr. Scott Bowman, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice at Texas State University began the process of revising his Juvenile Justice course two years ago by adding the Sakai Wiki to his course site and by requiring students to do original research on the juvenile justice system in particular communities in the U.S.

The result was a transformed course and increased student engagement and excitement about course content. Bowman found students expended more time and effort on their wiki pages than he expected and delivered better quality work.

In the two years since Bowman won the Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award for his Juvenile Justice course, he has learned more about what works and what doesn’t.  He will share his learning experiences in this webinar.

Watch Scott's interview at the 2010 Sakai Conference

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