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Blended learning: Best of both worlds




Amber D. Evans-Marcu
(309) 671-5154 


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


3 pm ET (12 pm PT)
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Blended learning: Best of both worlds

Amber D. Evans-Marcu (MCON) is teaching a 16-week introductory informatics course to nursing students, designed by the Dean of Educational Technology and Faculty Development, Eli Collins-Brown.  Although the course was pre-designed, faculty are given leeway to teach it and modify it as they see fit and are provided opportunities to give feedback through redesigning future iterations as a group.  For those who are unaware of the subject matter being taught, Nursing Informatics can be defined as the “combination of computer science, information science and nursing science designed to assist in the management and processing of nursing data, information and knowledge to support the practice of nursing and the delivery of nursing care” (Graves & Corcoran, 1989, p. 227).  Most of the students have little-to-no knowledge of the subject matter and vary widely in their understanding and comfort level in using technology.

The course objectives are for students to:

  • Gain competency in information and computer literacy and function, including information management and basic computing/desktop skills through satisfactory completion of the International Computer Driver's License (ICDL).
  • Identify credible web resources for evidence-based research and education.
  • Explore the use of computer technology for documentation, decision making, collaboration and networking
  • Apply Netiquette best-practices and protocol to communication technologies
  • Identify resources for further learning and development of computer competence.
  • Identify roles, competencies and skills of a nursing informatics specialist
  • Explore the significance and role of the nurse as a knowledge worker.
  • Explain the importance of Health Information Systems to clinical practice.
  • Apply policy and protocol of protected patient health information when using Health Information Systems.
  • Explore emerging technologies and other issues that will impact nursing and health care.

This webinar will focus on how Amber uses Sakai Modules, Tests & Quizzes, Forums, and Gradebook to communicate with her students while also integrating 3rd party applications (i.e., Google documents and Camtasia) to support collaboration and lectures, respectively.

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