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Teaching and Learning Activities Planned for 2011 Sakai Conference

Pre-Conference Workshops/Conference Events to Note



Teaching and Learning Pre-Conference Workshop

The Sakai Teaching and Learning (T&L) group will have Sakai T&L veterans, acting as Ambassadors, present a short panel session on their successes and lessons learned as well as current T&L group initiatives including the T&L group's part in shaping the future of Sakai and the Sakai community. Following the presentations the Ambassadors will answer questions collectively followed by break-out groups to continue the discussions.

TWSIA Ceremony

Award winners are presented with their awards on stage during the conference

Conference Session to Note




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TWSIA Winner Presentation

Winners of the TWSIA generally give a featured presentation during the conference




Learning Analytics: Initiatives & Future Directions Within the Sakai Community

Our panel will briefly present an overview of three preliminary projects related to learning analytics taking place at Sakai institutions and will also raise important issues that we believe the community should consider moving forward. The second half of the session will entail an open discussion around this topic and how best to move forward with coordinated development and evaluation plans.


Josh Baron ( and Steve Lonn (

Learner or academic analytic is a new field and something Sakai institutions are just starting to consider.  A broad diverse community discussion about it would be of great value at this stage.

Distance Learning Panel (Go Online! Using Sakai to Support Online and Blended Courses)

A panel from the Distance Learning group will discuss what quality distance courses are, building online/hybrid courses in Sakai, show examples of exemplary courses, and discuss how they worked with faculty to develop courses. Topics of interest include teaching at a distance, faculty development, Participants are encouraged to bring questions to the panel or examples they would like to discuss.


The Distance Learning group is coordinating to provide a panel presentation for the conference. (Currently Presenting:  Kim Eke,  Ann Jensen, and Kate Ellis).

What is the role of the syllabus in a course management system?

At the Denver 2010 conference, a group of participants initiated a BOF on the syllabus in light of the Sakai OAE initiative. This discussion continued over the year with regular meetings with people from the University of Virginia, Charles Sturt University, and HEC Montréal.  If the paper syllabus is well-understood and well supported by T&L centers, it’s adaptation to the Web environment has not been straightforward. To leverage its possible uses, the components of Web-based syllabi must be carefully planned so as to accommodate 1) expressiveness for instructors, 2) interaction for students, and 3) rich structuring for sharing, reuse, reporting, and data mining for administrators.  After presenting two extremes on the syllabus continuum (free-form vs highly-structured), we argue for some minimal common ground if we want to address some important users’ needs.  In all cases, the syllabus is not just a separate PDF file to be uploaded, but a concept to be integrated with the course site and the administrative environment.


Jacques Raynauld
HEC Montreal
Yitna Firdyiwek, University of Virginia

Get some early feedback on this topic.
Participants to the presentation will be invited to share their experience and contribute to a better understanding of the role of the syllabus in a modern course site.

BOF's to Note




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Who will attend?

Teaching and Learning BOF

Members of the Teaching and Learning community, or those who are interested in the becoming a part of this group, are welcome to attend a session to discuss the progress of current initiatives and discuss new items. This session will include break-out discussions for the Teaching and Learning sub-groups: Learning Lenses, Distance Learning, TWSIA, OpenEdPractices and Communication.

Josh Baron ( or Rob Coyle (







Post-Conference Meetings

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