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  • TWSIA Sept 20, 2010 Mtg
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Phone: 218-862-1000
Code: 1021049


  • Mathieu Plourde, University of Delaware
  • Salwa Khan
  • Rob Coyle
  • Susan Roig
  • Maggie Lynch



  • Needed a criteria about student engagement
  • Make it a separate area
  • The rubric was mostly designed for fully online

Have the Innovation Area upfront in the Application

  • Define Innovation as it applies to the specific critera there
  • Then have them still describe their entire course as it applies to the rubric

Quality Matters has a rubric and an annotated rubric
Directed questions in sections in addition to open narrative
Assign/Show points for criteria in Rubric

For Next Week:
Maggie will propse Rubric Revisions via email

  • We will plan to engage and

Since our main criterion is student engagement, the rubric can be misleading