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  • TWSIA Aug 9, 2010 Mtg
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Meeting Time:
Monday, August, 2010 12:00pm Eastern / 9:00am Pacific

Call In Information:
Phone: 218-862-1000
Code: 1021049

Mathieu Plourde
Sue Roig
Rob Coyle
Salwa Khan

Notes: (Titanpad):

Innovation Defined -

The TWSIA committee defines innovation as an educational method, practice or strategy that results in a transformative educational experience for students.

Innovation occurs by design often beyond the use of a new tool or technology, through techniques that engage and challenge students, in ways that transform both the teaching and the learning experience.

It is the use of "innovation" that leads to greater student engagement and interest, a deeper level of understanding and a lasting change in perception of an issue or topic. The innovative method, practice or strategy may not be new in the world, but may be new to you (to the instructor, instructional designer, etc).

*note that eligibility for the TWSIA requires use of the Sakai CLE in some form and other items as outlined in the TWSIA Rubric.

Send this definition to the larger group to get feedback.

Categories -
Fully Online/Hybrid
Non-Traditional/Non-Course Site Use of Sakai (Projects, Portfolios, etc)
Traditional Higher Ed (everything not in the other categories, web-supplemented)

  • What about funding? Are we bringing "winners" from all 4 categories.
  • We might not have a "winner" in all 4 categories.
  • Who becomes the keynotes?
  • How do we handle extra time for final judges?
  • We could use K-12 and Non-Traditional as "experimental/pilot" soliciting entrants and consider them seperate if we get enough responses - otherwise we include in other categories
  • Keep two: Fully Online and Traditional - 5 in the new category would add it (we might still consider honerable mentions or other options as needed)
  • Ask them during submission which category they would like t be considered under
  • Will be judging them under these two categories but still market them
  • More $ means more categories (smile)
    -Seperate Category for Corp Sponsors? - Fee to Enter, get to share their best practices and products?

Rob working with Maggie
How to incorporate categories or innovation in the rubrics?
Add innovation to every item?
We should chip in to modify it, we can't wait for Maggie
Projects and portfolios might require different criteria
Should we try to have a general rubric or differentiated ones for each categories?
Current Rubric -

Letters to Judges -

Call for Judges

Action Items:
Setup A Confluence Page to discuss rubric
Be prepared to discuss next week any revisions we would make to rubric
Present Innovation Definition and Categories to T&L Group
Call for committee members coming up (Kim Thanos)

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