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Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award (TWSIA) 2014 Planning

Sponsorship Opportunities

Asahi Net (ANI) will sponsor TWSIA for 2014.  If you know of a company that  might also be interested in being a sponsor, please contact the Apereo Foundation at

NOTE: This page is a working space for the award committee, not the actual application site.  The application site is


  1. Recognize and promote best faculty practices and innovation in using Sakai for teaching and learning.
  2. Establish a faculty presence in the Sakai community and in particular at the international Sakai conference.
  3. Bring faculty in contact with Sakai developers and designers. 

TWSIA 2014 Planning Timeline

For reference purposes here is the TWSIA 2013 page

Call in information: 

US/CAN Toll Free:  1-888-447-7153  
Int'l Toll:  1-719-387-1138 

Participant Passcode: 691938 Press the # key after entering the passcode.



First Committee Meeting - Meeting notes:   

Aug 27, 2013, 11AM ET
Second Committee Meeting - Meeting notes:
Sept 10, 2013 11AM ET
Third Committee Meeting - Meeting notes: 24, 2013 11AM ET
Fourth Committee Meeting - Meeting notes 22, 2013 11AM ET
Fifth Committee Meeting - Meeting notes 29, 2013 11AM ET
Sixth Committee Meeting - Meeting notes 5, 2013  11AM ET
Seventh Committee Meeting - Meeting notes 12, 2013  11AM ET
8th Committee Meeting - Meeting notes 19, 2013 11AM ET
9th Committee Meeting -Meeting notes 26, 2013 11AM ET
10th Committee Meeting -Meeting notes 3, 2013 11AM ET
11th Committee Meeting - Meeting notes 7, 2014 11AM ET
12th Committee Meeting - Meeting notes 14, 2014 11AM ET
13th Committee Meeting - Meeting notes 28, 2014 11AM ET
14th Committee Meeting - Meeting notes 4, 2014 11AM ET
15th Committee Meeting - Meeting notes 11, 2014 11AM ET
16th Committee Meeting-Meeting notes 25, 2014 11AM ET
17th Committee Meeting-Meeting notes 18, 2014 11AM ET
18th Committee Meeting-Meeting notes 1, 2014 11AM ET

Meeting to finalize selection of TWSIA winners for 2014  
Meeting notes:

April 15, 2014 11AM ET



Official announcement of award, open date for submissions and closing dateFeb 3, 2014

Application process closes

April 4, 2014

Judging Committee reviews entries and selects winners in each category

By April 14, 2014

Winners notified

April 15, 2014

Winners Announced

April 21, 2014

Apereo (Sakai) Conference  in Miami FL

June 1-4, 2014

Date of winners presentations at conference

June 3, and June 4, 2014


Entry forms used by TWSIA entrants:

TWSIA Entry Page (from

TWSIA Course Project entry form

TWSIA Portfolio entry form

Revised forms:  (Attach your revised forms below):

TWSIA Course entry form_with comments from Salwa


Entry form revisions from Cheryl Brown

REVISED form for course/projects from 10-22-13

Revised form for course/project award - Janice Smith 10-29-13

Revised form for course/project award-Salwa 10-30-13

Revised form for portfolio award - Janice Smith 10-29-13

Revised form for course/project award-JimMezzanotte 11-7-13

Revised form for course/project award-JimMezzanotte 11-18-13

Revised form for portfolio award-JimMezzanotte 11-26-13

Revised form for course/project award-JimMezzanotte 12-02-13

Revised form for portfolio award-JimMezzanotte 12-02-13

Announcement about opening of competition

Draft announcement

Announcement 1-13-14

Click the link below to download a flyer we used to promote TWSIA 2014:



Download the information sheet for judges below:

Information sheet for judges

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Subject: Call for award committee members

The Sakai Teaching and Learning Group is forming the 2014 Award Committee to oversee this year's Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award. 

We hope to continue the success of this award for 2014 and are looking for committee members that represent many different groups within our community, so please don't hesitate to sign up. Please contact Salwa Khan at if you are interested in working with us.

Thank you for your support.







Google Account (for Docs)


SalwaKhan, Ph.D.Texas State UniversityCoordinator, IT Projectssk16@txstate.edusk16@txstate.eduAll committeesHigher Ed Course & Project sites
JaniceSmith, Ph.D.Three Canoes LLCPortfolio

Judging, Planning


Higher Education: Face-to-Face

Willing to address: Project Sites / Other Uses of Sakai and Primary / Secondary Education


GuillermoRodríguez, Ph.D.IRICE - Universidad Nacional de Rosario - Argentina Professor and Researcher

Judging, Planning


  Higher Education: Face-to-Face

  Higher Education: Fully Online or Hybrid Course

  Project Sites & Other Uses of Sakai

FatimaRahimanUniversity of the Witwatersrand -South AfricaHead: Learning Design team-Elearning , Support and Innovation Unit


 Judging, Marketing locally

 Higher Ed: F2F,Online/Blended

Project/Course sites

MarcZaldivarVirginia TechDirector, ePortfolio Initiativesmarcz@vt.eduvtmarcz@gmail.comPlanning, Judging

Higher Ed – F2f, Online/Hybrid


TegginSummersVirginia TechAD, ePortfolio Initiativesteggin@vt.eduteggin.summers@gmail.comPlanning, Judging 
JimMezzanotteAsahi Net International (ANI)Sakai Functional


Planning, Judging

DavidO'SteenWellesley CollegeInstructional JudgingHigher Ed - F2F, Online/Hybrid Courses

Project Sites & Other Uses of Sakai

Mary JoCarnotChadron State CollegeDirector, Teaching and Learning Centermcarnot@csc.edumcarnot@csc.edujudging, planningHigher Ed, various course formats, project and course sites
ArmandaLewisNew York UniversityInstructional Technologistal861@nyu.edual861@nyu.edujudging, communications & marketing, submissions process, planningdevelopment, course sites, pedagogy
CherylBrownUniversity of  Cape TownSenior, planning, Marketing locallyHigher Ed – F2f, Online/Hybrid
LuisaLiMarist CollegeInstructional, judgingHigher Ed, training, course design, pedagogy and technology
ZoraRizziTuftsSenior Client Support Specialistzora.rizzi@tufts.eduzora.rizzi@tufts.eduPlanning, Judging 

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