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Ideas for the 2011 award process

TO DO list:

Develop timeline for 2011 award process-first draft posted here
Devise a communication plan (Kim Thanos)
Sponsorship program (Sakai Foundation?)
Revisit the preliminary and final judging processes (and revise?)
Find judges for next year. (Be mindful of number of judges, avoid the appearance of conflict of interest, make sure they're engaged in the process)
Establish criteria for award entries - categories - who may enter, clearly define criteria and post with the entry form
Revise the Rubric (Maggie, Rob, Alfred)
Revise entry form to capture more information for "stories" or "case studies"

TWISA / OpenEdPractices Site BOF

TWSIA Planning Subgroup




Willing to serve as

Rob Coyle

Johns Hopkins


Maggie Lynch

College of the Redwoods


Salwa Khan

Texas State Univ


Mathieu Plourde

University of Delaware


Janice Smith

Three Canoes


Amber D. Evans

Virginia Tech


Susan Roig

Claremont Graduate University