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The goal of Supporting Material records is to supply building blocks for innovative T&L practices, especially those that use open/community source technologies. Supporting materials should give users actual materials they could use to replicate a T&L practice.

Supporting materials can be related to one T&L practice record and/or one or more institutional profiles.

You can see what is collected currently in a supporting material record by viewing existing materials and/or registering/logging in and creating new supporting material.

Supporting Material

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  • I have at least two schools that have very helpful and instructive videos. I can't seem to upload the video file itself, only a link to the webpage. Perhaps in the future, the T&L Repository could allow video file uploads?
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Support Practices

Should we include practices in supporting the adoption and usage of technology? People could share their self-paced training material, their paper documentation, their diagrams, etc. These contextualized resources might be extremely useful to promote pedagogy. Another group has started sharing their documentation and support media.