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  • Sharing Exemplars and Best Practices
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Action items:

Repository for Best practices: Maggie Lynch, Mathieu Plourde, Lynn Ward

A Place to Begin: posting examples, comments and links to the Conluence wiki, Kate Ellis

What Makes an Exemplar: Emily Jones (Johns Hopkins), Mathieu Plourde, Pascale Blanc

Facilitators for Future Communications: Janet de Vry, Kate Ellis

Exemplars Group Discussion:

  • Sharing exemplars group could be a subgroup of TandL
  • What is an exemplar? This question still needs to be addressed.
  • Should they be vetted voted or rated?
  • Perhaps "case studies" are better than "best practice" or "exemplar". Maybe they should call it "examples".
  • Should we use the Connexions tool to do this? Should we use Harvest Road Hive since it generates URLs to every object in the system?
  • Tagging, federation, rating, peer-review-->all important features of such a system

Some of this discussion now resides in Showing Demo Courses

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