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  • SakaiDL call 09-16-2010
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Thursday, September 16th at 5:00PM EDT/ Friday, 17th at 7:00AM Australia

Call in Information

No conference call this time. It will all be through web conferencing via Adobe Connect.

Connect Meeting Room:

 Log in as guest. Enter your real name.

This meeting will be via web conferencing (Adobe Connect) only, no telephone conference call. You will need a headset to participate in the audio conversation, or you can use your computer speakers IF YOU MUTE YOUR MIC AND LEAVE IT OFF; otherwise there will be a horrible echo. You will still be able to participate in the meeting through a chat window.

    •    All Connect users need the Flash Player. This Adobe Web page will determine if the Flash Player is installed on your computer and report the version.
    •    You need the Connect Meeting Add-in. It installs the first time you join a Connect meeting as a Host or Presenter, or the first time you are promoted to Host or Presenter. If you'd like to install it ahead of time, it is available for Windows or Macintosh.
    •    Adobe's Meeting Participant QuickStart Guide (PDF)
    •    Adobe's Overview of the Connect Interface (video)
    •    Please make sure you run the audio wizard (Meeting>Manage My Settings>Audio Setup Wizard) if you are using a headset.


 Presentation by Maggie Ricci "The IUB Story: How our strategy for online course development is evolving."

Discussion via web conferencing.