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  • SakaiDL call 09-02-2010
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Thursday, September 2nd at 5:00PM EDT/ Friday, 6th at 7:00AM Australia

Call in Information:

Name: Sakai003 - Ad-hoc
Telephone: +1-812-856-7060
Conference Code: 22386#
PIN: 72524#

Web conference for screen sharing:

Etherpad for note-taking:



Debbie Runshe
Kate Ellis
Rob Coyle
Ann Jensen
Robin Hill
Maggie Ricci
Tony McKenzie


We decided to do a series of informal presentations using the Connect Meeting Room and folks signed up for the dates below. We will try meeting in Connect, using Connect audio, so everyone will need a headset to participate. You can probably get by without a headset if you just want to type in the chat. We may record these presentation, and we may post some of them to OEP. We'll see how it goes.

Schedule of presentations

Thursday, September 16: Maggie

Thursday, September 30: Ann

Thursday, October 14: Tony

Thursday, October 28: Rob

Thursday, November 11: Debbie

Thursday, November 25: Holiday

Thursday, December 9: ?

Thursday, December 23: Holiday

Update on OpenEdPractices

Production server will be updated next week
Each subgroup will have there own space
Admin training will be available

The repository will be reconsidered

About the repository

We're recording ideas here:

Big meetings next week

(we think--we're all looking at the same calendar but haven't seen any announcements yet).

Wednesday, Sept 8th Teaching and Learning Whole Group Call

Thursday, September 9th T&L Quarterly call