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  • Rethinking TWSIA and OpenEdPractices site 2010
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2010 Debrief

The Goals for the TWSIA

  1. Recognize and promote best faculty practices and innovation in using Sakai for teaching and learning.
  2. Establish a faculty presence in the Sakai community and in particular at the international Sakai conference.
  3. Bring faculty in contact with Sakai developers and designers. 

How are we meeting these goals?

What went well with the award process in 2010?

Suggestions for improvement for  2011?

clarify entry requirements

consider requiring a screen shot of the home page of the course

consider requiring a syllabus

limit number of attachments; I feel obligated to look at them all, and for some of the entries, it's too much

Rethinking the award structure and the possibilities for "categories."

From Lois Brooks:

In future years, perhaps rather than first, second, and honorable 
mention, awards can be given for categories of excellence.  Examples 
might include the type of course, e.g., innovation in a distance 
course; the outcome, e.g., student engagement; a technology focus, 
e.g., creative use of tools; or a discipline focus, e.g., best use in 
the sciences.  We could still do four awards, but just shift the name 
of the award to the reason why the people won, rather than the ranking.

There are two reasons why we do the awards, to showcase excellence, 
and to build the community's focus on pedagogy.  It felt off, somehow, 
to honor these amazing teachers while at the same time telling three 
of them that they didn't quite win, but almost won.   Not that we said 
it this way, but I wonder if the purpose of the award, to showcase 
amazing courses, is somewhat mitigated by naming the awards with 
ordinal rankings.



A community of practice for teaching and learning with open/community-source tools. 

How can the TWSIA site on OpenEdPractices be improved to make the application process better (it's already pretty good).

Word count is still a tricky issue

check help requests for usability issues

update the FAQ

How can the site be improved so that people can use it to find information on best teaching practices?

Highlight winning entries and provide a summary of the course and perhaps a screen shot or photograph of the instructor.

More Comments and Suggestions

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