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We have requested a half-day Preconference Session on Tuesday July 7th to share teaching and learning results:

Five Minutes of Fame

A teaching incident or teaching practice that worked well; a pedagogical practice that was made possible or more effective because of the use Sakai.

Five Minutes of Shame

A teaching incident or teaching practice that failed; some problem that interfered with good teaching, and provided a lesson.

Five Minutes to Frame

A description of an upcoming Teaching & Learning conference session.

Presentation PowerPoint Template

UPDATE (6/17/09): I have uploaded a new and final version of the presentation template slides.

We have created a General Template for the workshop that outlines suggestions for what to include. All presenters should use this template and plan to send it to Josh Baron at by Monday, June 29th.

Volunteer Participants (order and format to be determined):



Topics (incorporating effects on teaching and learning)

Steve Foehr


Fame: Starting to close the loop of Curriculum Development, Professional Development, Student Work, and Assessment.
Shame: Don't underestimate change
Frame: K12 is coming to Sakai

Josh Baron


Fame: Using project sites to support courses; Performance Portfolios
Shame: Making faculty do their own course roster associations

Robin Hill

University of Wyoming

Fame: Manual account creation and course join, allowing flexibility in guest instructors
Shame: Dropbox tool confused with eCollege Dropbox
Frame: Databases for portfolios and other teaching

Sue Roig

Claremont Graduate University

Fame: 1. TWISA Award winners.  2. CUC population (students and faculty) each have account and access to project site creation.
Shame: 1. Project sites - "Sustainability Group" everyone maintain role instead of giving specific permissions, one member deleted entire site; "Treasures site" confidentiality issue not understand groups and permissions. 2.  Use of Sakai for international seminar, guests accounts not students, disastrous problem with access and guest accounts.
Frame:  Training in different modalities, Bootcamp in development.

Mathieu Plourde

University of Delaware

Fame: Using the Schedule Tool as a Syllabus (James Dean, English).
Shame: First week in full production...
Frame: Strategies to Support Your Users: Custom Documentation and Help Files & An Honest Look at Sakai: What Should We Tell Potential Adopters?

Kate Ellis &
Madeleine Gonin

Indiana University - Bloomington

Fame: Collaborative Multimedia Projects
Shame: Special Characters
Frame: More presentations about process

Deb Boisvert/Mary Rubega


Fame: Using matrices, forms and portfolio to support K-8 portfolio work as means to demonstrate 21st Cenutry literacy and ISTE NETS standards
Shame: Publishing matrix after student work was added.

Martin Ramsay

Appalachian College Association / CEATH Company

Fame: Winning the Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration
Shame: Losing Member Schools that don't see the value of Sakai
Frame: Submitted, but pending ...

Whitten Smart

Texas State

Fame: Using podcasts to teach an online course
Shame: upgrading system right before finals and failing.

Chuck Severance


Fame:how I use Google App Engine to build simple tools in Sakai that function like Class Room Clickers so I can add interactivity to my lecture.

Cherry Stewart

University of New England (Australia)

Fame: Wiki work
Shame: Testing Errors with 600 students
Frame: Fifth Generation Distance Education: Who's Responible

We are interested in diverse stories as along as they are described in terms of their effects on teaching and learning.