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Lesson Builder Showcase Webinar Plan

This document is in progress.  Comments and edits are welcome!


  • To build a collection of publicly accessible “use case” video screencasts (5-10 min. each) to share interesting, effective and unique ways Lesson Builder is being used in practice

  • To gather Lesson Builder feedback that can be reviewed and evaluated by Teaching & Learning participants and TCC members to help inform decisions about code change requests

  • Encourage Lesson Builder adoption in the Sakai community

  • Get non-Sakai users excited about Sakai

Level of Effort Estimates



Responsible Party

Level of Effort

Create a poll to send to the Sakai user list to gather volunteers willing to discuss & share (via recorded webinar) how LB is being used at their institution



Collect poll responses and organize a date/time/lineup for Lesson Builder Showcase Webinar



Send invitation to webinar to user list



Have a showcase preparation meeting/discussion (see considerations)

Kara/Volunteer Presenters


Perform/Attend/Record webinar

Kara/Volunteer Presenters/Attendees


Edit and Publish video segments of webinar and embed in confluence



Put context around embedded videos in confluence (see considerations)T&L Group2.5h

Use the videos as part of steps 1 & 2 of the Teaching & Learning Capability Review for Lesson Builder.

Teaching & Learning Group/TCC



  • We should discuss how we can make clear to the community (or to anyone who happens upon these posted videos) that these videos won't be professionally polished training videos.  While we realize that some, upon stumbling upon these videos, might very well use these videos for training, we need to communicate that training was not the original goal of these videos and that these videos will likely not be updated regularly.  We should do this in a very nice way.
  • Presenters should consider their institution's policy regarding presenting and recording presentations of course content.
  • Presenters should consider FERPA when presenting and recording presentations of LB content (especially when there is student-created content) and prepare their presentation/demo materials to ensure the recorded presentation is in compliance with their institution's interpretation of FERPA.
  • Presenters should, during the showcase prep meeting, discuss a standardized "agenda" for these short LB demo presentations. For example, one might show a 4 minute demo, spend 2 minutes discussing benefits of certain features, 2 minutes discussing workarounds they've employed and 2 minutes discussing enhancement requests to meet use case needs.
  • We should decide how to evaluate the success of such a "Showcase."  Did this showcase add value to the T&L capability review process?  If so, in what ways, and what can we do to add more value?   If not, should we continue to do this (with modifications to process) or should we stop doing showcases in favor of something else that is more effective?


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