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The Teaching and Learning group documents its work in these Confluence pages.  (Confluence is the industrial-strength wiki provided as a workspace to community members, as noted on the A Quick Guide to the Sakai Community page.)  Our regular meetings are telephone conference calls supplemented with Etherpad pages.  The resulting minutes then appear as links under the meeting date, on the appropriate T&L group page.

Etherpad was purchased and discontinued by Google, but several sites now host Etherpad services--, among others.  I like to capture and preserve the Titanpad contents, rather than providing a only a link to the pad, in case the service suddenly disappears.  

Recording the Minutes of a Meeting

Before the meetings starts:

  1. In Confluence, add an entry for the upcoming meeting to the main Teaching and Learning Group page, under "Agendas, Minutes, and Notes..."  You can combine that with the next step by making that title into a page.
  2. Create a Confluence page with the title "dd-mmm-yyyy Conference Call," and paste the agenda for the meeting, if one has been circulated.  Please distinguish clearly between the month and the day by using a month abbreviation.  (The identifier "9-8-2009" may mean Sept 8 2009 in the States, but it means Aug 9 2009 abroad.)  Insert the call information (phone number or videoconferencing URI) at the top.
  3. Set up a pad for the meeting.  For Titanpad, go to and click "Create public pad."  Copy its UR to the Confluence page.  
  4. Paste the agenda in the edit window of the pad.  (Herein, "pad" means Titanpad or Etherpad or whatever application is in used.)

During the meeting:
  Make sure that participants list their names in the pad.  Take notes in the pad edit window.

After the meeting:

  1. In the Confluence meeting page, insert a line, add the heading "Pad Notes," then paste in the pad edit window contents.  Check formatting; sometimes headings are not highlighted after the copy.
  2. Add the heading "Pad Chat" and paste in the chat window contents.


See the Teaching and Learning meeting of August 11th, 2010:


On a Mac with OS X, highlighting and then copy-and-paste from Titanpad to Confluence Rich Text successfully captures both edit window notes and chat window contents.  You can also try exporting from the Titanpad, in several different formats.

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