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A working group on "Faculty Support" held a discussion at the 8th Sakai Conference, Dec. 4th, 2007, in Newport Beach.
Facilitator: Robin Hill, University of Wyoming
Recorder: Jon Hayes


1. What are the most effective ways to provide faculty support for online teaching technology?

2. What will be the most effective ways to support faculty with Sakai, in particular?

Bottom-up: Answer detailed low-level immediate needs

Have Sakai look like a portal w/ faculty support, obvious HELP button

Don't want to re-create the wheel

Existing Confluence space in "User" for support documents

  • Faculty Support people talking to each other
  • FS talking to Faculty
  • Users talking to Users

Email notification within Confluence

Faculty want to know what students have available

User Support -

Support "How" faculty are using it.

Cross Referencing, Searching, make it easier.

Context-sensitive Help, Users want to use it but don't find it "useful"

Holes in existing documentation system that is run by IU

Documentation initiative started a few months.

Videos vs. Documentation

Submission Process for adding to Help Documentation

FAQ for faculty support - *depends on implementation.

Master FAQ for Sakai, starting with fac-support (channeling faculty themselves to their fac-support offices, for now)

Action Items:

  1. How-To for access confluence (develop and link from sakaiproject)
  2. Agree to post links to access for training materials. ALL WILLING INSTITUTIONS
  3. Institutional Faculty support doc links to ALL WILLING INSTITUTIONS
  4. Propose a BOF for technical training, documentation process -  JON HAYS, UC Berkeley
  5. Mechanism for submitting change requests for delivered Help files, and for customizing them on-site
  6. Structure Confluence with search, index, cross-reference; coordinate with Sakai documentation leaders

Faculty Support Group Discussion:

  • Jon Hays BOF
  • IU supplies documentation for Sakai
  • All documentation in Knowledge Base
  • repurpose Confluence information and Knowledge Base
  • General BOF organized by Josh Baron for TandL
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