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XML Markup

This section contains information that should be included with each faculty practice in order to become searchable in the long run (phase 2 or 3: creation of a multi-institution repository).

<unique id>

<title> </title>

<date> </date>

<author> </author>

<contributors> </contributors>

<languages> </languages>


      <name> </name>

      <unit/college/department> </unit/college/department>



      <city> </city>

      <state/province> </state/province>

      <country> </country>


<tags> </tags>

<summary> </summary>


      <alias> </alias>

      <url> </url>

      <type> </type>


</unique id>

The UM.sitemaker model could also be a starting point. And a lot of these markups could be inserted as tags instead of being in distinct XML boxes.

Tag definition

In order to navigate through practices in a natural way, we should define some consistent tags.

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