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Faulty Engagement Group Discussion:

  • Discipline or Tool  specific works best
  • Look across tools and disciplines to find common ground
  • Educause Learning Initiative might be a good outlet for this
  • Faculty must have a value proposition to get involved
    • tenure and promotion->not likely
    • personal responsibility
    • improve teaching portfolio
  • Action items
    • merge with support group and exemplars (all interrelated)
    • peer-reviewed teaching and learning track at conferences
      • fund some faculty to participate in Sakai?
      • have Sakai members present at discipline specific conference?
      • all links back to tenure and promotion
    • instructional designers act as proxies in posting to pedagogy list in Confluence
  • What do faculty contribute to the Sakai community? What is the role of the faculty member in Sakai?
    • perhaps to help Sakai understand its mission?
  • Are we moving to a Sakai community 2.0 as an open source model for knowledge  and practices too?
  • Evidence-based practice-->Faculty believe peers and best practices by peers
  • Imagine various Sakai sessions at Educause
  • Work more with ELI
  • Work more with ELI
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