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  • Design Lenses, 3 January, 2011
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  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Notetaker volunteers?  Etherpad:
  3.  Today's topics:
    1. Renaming the Lenses group
    2. Status of Jan 17 meeting (MLK day).
    3. Separating groups from sites in Sakai OAE.  Please read page content and comments:
      1. BL7 Separate Sites from Groups
      2. (BL-7) Designs for sites distinct from groups

Meeting notes:


Sites:  a collection of pages; doesn't include all the extra functional pieces that were baked in to Sakai 2 sites; goal is to free up the site to be authored and shared like other pieces of content.  
Interactive content: discussion thread; a poll; functionality wthin a page that accepts and stores user input.

What happens when you share a page with interactive content across multiple groups?
Josh: in some cases, there would be need tp retain the group contributions or just the skeleton.
Debbie: permissions; if someone controbutes to the interactive portion or widget on a page, does the contributor have the ability to limit who can see it.
Janice: need to think through all situations in which sites and groups are related to one another.
Clay: individuals are to a group as pages are to a site;  groups and sites are the molectular structures made up of these atomic elements
Clay:  a single group can now how many sites.  For example a course, could have multiple sites.  A single course might have many course packs.  Discrete chunks of content that focus on a particular purpose or topic.
Lynn:   a page can be part of multiple sites.  the site is the glue (book metaphor).
Daphne:  flexibility is going to be key; important to build in support/scaffolding to help user figure out how to work in new ways.
Clay:  not everyone wants a full site and the administrative overhead that goes along with it.  Simplest experience is simpler than Sakai 2.  User has control over the complexity level.
Josh:  many use cases in which we present instructors with fairly traditional looking course sites.
Clay:  at first pass, embedded widgets are empty at first.
Josh: Outside of LMS, are there other examples where interactive  content is reused in other contexts.
Clay: Might be reasonable to say that the interactive cannot be reused.  Masking identities, but keeping the content; a blank template each time its reused
Josh:  general direction of decoupling groups from sites; making some initial decisions about how sharing and re-use is handled; and then fine tuning as we gain a better understanding of needs
Josh:  there's a difference between the remixing and redistribution of content and the concurrent use of pages/content in multiple groups/contexts.

  • How do you associate a site with a group and make that experience friendly.
  • Since pages can have embedded functionality intended for a particular context, what does it mean when you share it with a particular context.
  • Reuse is where things seem to get tricky.  Will need to decide how much we want/can support.
    Interactive content (where people are connected with the interactions):
    • Discussion thread
    • Comments on a page
    • Task/assignment
    • Blog
    • Embedded assignment or assessment
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