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  • Design Lenses, 29 June, 2011
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  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Notetaker volunteers?  Etherpad:
  3.  Today's topics:
  • OAE Update - I'm not sure that I'll have much to report because the URG hasn't met since the conference, but we will be meeting on Tuesday so we will see.
  • Goals & Process - we came to some consensus last week that the group wants to spend more time "working" and less time talking (easier said than done).  Unfortunately, I don't see any real way to get to work without spending a little time to define our goals & process.  A couple of things that I proposed last week were:
    1. Focus on learning capabilities that are part of the short term plans for Sakai OAE. This could include:
      1. the development/revision of mini-specs
      2. refinement or elaboration on the design lenses
    2. Collaboration with the UX community - I'd like to leverage the skills of some of our UX Design community partners to help us focus our conversations and craft our work.  The UX folks that I have spoken to thus far seem enthusiastic about this type of collaboration.

A good goal for Wednesday would be to identify some specific, tangible task to work during our first July meeting.

  • Expanding & Sustaining our membership - This is a hold-over topic from last week that we agreed would follow after we decided what types of changes we would make for the coming year.

Meeting notes:


  • Lynn Ward, Indiana University
  • Debbie Runshe, IU / IUPUI
  • Salwa Khan, Texas State
  • Ann Jensen, TX State
  • Jon Hayes, UC Berkeley

Meeting Discussion:

  • David advocating for the OSP group engagig more directly with the URG; another idea Jon heard from David was tying the mini-spec back to lenses and facets. We'll get more traction if we use common language in the form of the design lenses

OAE Update:  help give our group a better sense of what's going on in the managed project

  • Getting group back together after conference
  • Document shared with the URG by Nico; a draft of a 90 day plan for post v.1
  • Already completed usability testing for v1 and have targeted areas for improvement
  • Won't be any immediate development of new capabilities

Minispec discussion

  • Thoughts about learning capabilities that are part of the short term plans for the OAE and try to write and revise minispecs
  • Possibly focus on imminent work.  No firm list yet.
  • One item that has been pushed toward the top of the list is to make it possible to import Melete content as a content package.
  • In OAE, groups of pages are content packages
  • The issue of importing Melete into OAE is important to TX State
  • Jon asked for sample modules exported the CP that could be shared with the design team.
  • The only new thing that the URG is talking about is evaluation and assessment.  Consensus is on adding commenting and feedback.  Expand capability to more than commenting, including annotation (commenting on a specific part).
  • Lynn asked if project staff or the URG be writing minispecs?
  • Risk is in writing minispecs that have no immediate value.
  • What do you mean by feedback?  Some of the use cases raised in the context of discussion forums might be relevant to the feedback discussion.
  • UX people working on the managed project could meet with T& L group
  • We can contribute user stories; one-on-one user interviews is very labor intensive, but we can serve as proxies for end user needs; then let the project staff figure what that means in terms of design and features.  This s the type of work that the lenses group feels they can do effectively.

Action Items

  • Jon agreed that he needs to start asking questions of the URG, Alan, the project team about how this might work.  
  • Jon will send to the list the 90-day plan and usability results for v1
  • Jon will potentially have more URG related news, so we will definitely meet next week, even if only briefly.
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