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  • Design Lenses, 20 July, 2011
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Call Instructions

Dial 1-888-447-7153 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-888-447-7153      end_of_the_skype_highlighting (International callers: 1-719-387-1138)
Enter in passcode: 917798 (the hit #)
Listen to music until "moderator" starts the call
Need help? Call tech support at 1-877-807-0970


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Notetaker volunteers?  Etherpad: 

Sakai OAE Update:

The project team is working hard to stamp out bugs in the v1 release.
To my understanding, we are currently expecting a release sometime after
July 25.

Sakai OAE User Reference Group Update:

The User Reference Group (URG) has been meeting to discuss needs we are
considering for fall development cycles[1] This week we spent some time
talking about how users need to collect and manage content[2] and
different ways users need to group or be grouped[3].


This Week's Primary Topic: Academic Networking

Since Berkeley will be the first school to pilot v1 of Sakai OAE this
fall, we are really interested to see how well many of the assumed
strengths of OAE hold up to real world users.  In particular, we are
interested in how our users will respond to the Academic Networking
aspects of OAE.

Yesterday, I sent out a few links to some of the background literature
to prime you for today's discussion. As we head into our pilots, we like
to hear your thoughts about how you think these Academic Networking
capabilities will be most useful and where you think there are still
unmet needs in this area based on what you know.

Background references-


PDF about research on groups:

For extra reading, here's a link to some work done at Google that shows
how early versions of Google Plus circles contrasts with Facebook:

Meeting notes:

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