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  • Design Lenses, 15 Nov 2010
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  1. Welcome and Introductions
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Meeting Notes

Welcome and Introductions

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Q:  Why so broad a goal for hybrid sites?  (Integration with other LMSs, for instance.)  
A:  First and main integration is Sakai 2 sites into Sakai 3.  But NYU needs to integrate its current system.

Community needs a rational migration path from Sakai 2 to Sakai 3.  Commitment came out of the Boston Conference.   Emerging interoperability standard, LTI, is being used for the Sakai2/S3 integration.  Makes it fairly easy to expose an S2 tool in a Sakai 3 page.  Other course management systems are supporting this standard; 

Learning Tool Interoperablity standard:

Sam: if you have a tool used across the institution, would that be covered under this?  Also, how we handle the sizing, of the tool.  

David: we've done some light integrations using Web content;  the LTI standard mightbe helpful if a heavier integration  is needed.  The issue of how outside tools will look inside S3 needs to be looked at on a case by case basis.

David is anxious to be able to mix S3 capabilities and S2 tools in one space.

Discussion Related to Design:

Q:  What does the Sakai 3 Dashboard look like, for contrast?
A:  Designed by user with "Edit page," with columns and widgets of choice.

"My Sakai 2 Sites" will be populated by user's tabs in Sakai 2.  "View all my sites" shows all.  (Reflects standard widget display choice-- (1) selected few and (2) all.)

Ann: Mailbox and forums icons were suppose in top is confusing.  Not clear that it's intened as a legend.  

Clay:  Icons and text labels aee there to help users in case institution has renamed the tool.

Sam: Wanted to know if the counts were for new messages or recent messages.  Could you pull in additional summary like messages and forums.

Clay:  no other tools track whether items have been read; this widget just focuses on existing functionality.

Sam:  Page 6:  Nice to have:  would be nice to be able to reorder selected sites on Page 6.  But ability t reorder in the widget itself would meet need.

Robin: asked if institutions can make up their own categories.  Answer:  Yes.  the categories defined in your S2 installation show up.

Ann:  How do we know that the sites have already been selected?  

Lynn:  They would show up in the right hand column.

Ann:  Should there be a clear/cancel search option. 

Should there also be a select all option; ability to select more than one item in left column. 


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