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  • Design Lenses, 14 February, 2011
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  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Notetaker volunteers?  Etherpad:
  3.  Today's topics:
    1.  Future direction for the Design Lenses working group

Meeting notes:


  • Lynn Ward, Indiana University
  • Debbie Runshe, IUPUI/IU
  • Josh Baron, Marist
  • Salwa Khan, Texas State Univ.
  • Janice Smith, Three Canoes
  • Ann Jensen, TX State
  • Jon Hays, UC Berkeley
  • Jacques Raynauld, HEC Montreal 

Sakai OAE Backlog:  

Today's topics:         

  • Future direction for the Design Lenses working group

 Jon:  Berkeley doing small scale pilots; need to understand the existing capabilities;  What can the system do today?  What's the current experience and what's the desired experience.  Look at the things it does do and the use cases it supports. 

Jon:  this group and the URG could inform the the framework documents.  Still a need.  Clarifying vision; uses cases.   

Lynn: focus on future work instead so we can define, refine, and build consensus.   

Josh: What could we do that's helpful.  Need to hear from the Managed Project team. Working on framework documents that relate directly to teaching and learning.   

Josh:  giving input to the managed project; top three concerns, top three ideas Try to get Alan to attend a future meeting Ann: lobby for some coherent process for allowing stakeholders to have a voice; take the design lenses and try to describe what this looks like;   

Josh:  how can we provide feedback in a way that it can be used; and at one point in time.  Find a way of allowing community now or after it gets released. - important to have some plan/structure for a meeting Alan- draft message to steering committee about our concerns to 

Maybe there are ways to help OAE pilot institutions with instead of focusing product development. Jan: need to strike a balance; need to be assertive about the need for the project to accommodate functional input.

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