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The DL subgroup has decided to pursue the following initiative suggested on the initial brainstorming page:

Build a Repository for Distance Ed

  • Use OpenEdPractices
  • Share Templates, Training Documents, Best-Practices, Other Materials and resources (define/flesh out)
  • Items can be geared towards course developers, faculty development, or faculty
  • Developing effective group-work (team) practices with Sakai tools, and accompanying pedagogy

To get a handle on how to organize the repository, we decided to collaboratively create a list of topics. Please add any topics (i.e., categories by which to sort resources) to the list below. Feel free to create sub topics and/or add examples of things you might consider posting as makes sense. Once we have a robust list of topics, the hope is to use the list as a starting point for designing a searchable repository of distance learning materials on OpenEdPractices.

Please add to / edit the hierarchy below!

  • Topic: Field testing
    • Example: Student survey (used to evaluation a course the first time it's taught)
  • Topic: Rubrics
    • Subtopic: Discussion forum
      • Example: Sample rubric
    • Subtopic: Teamwork/collaboration
      • Example: Sample rubric
  • Topic: Course design
    • Example: Planning matrix template and example
    • Subtopic: Hybrid courses
      • Example: Outline of process (for faculty)
    • Subtopic: 100% online courses
      • Example: Outline of process (for faculty)
  • Introduction to teaching online
    • Defining goals & objectives
    • Defining assessments
    • Structuring a course
    • Online content presentation, learning activities, assessments
      • Authoring web-based content in Sakai
    • Building community
    • Course design evaluation (like Quality Matters)
  • Facilitating group work in an online environment