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Maggie Lynch

Salwa Khan

Kate Ellis


Pre-Announcement version3

TWSIA 2012 Announcement

Call for Entries

January 5, 2012

Maggie will send an updated announcement (with list of sponsors) to Ped & Announcement Sakai lists
Josh Baron will send to Campus Technology
Kate can post to listservs
Maggie will ask Michael Feldstein to post to eLiterate Blog needs upadting! (Ian on vacation Dec 15 - Jan 15)

Maggie: What role can sponsors have in this project? They felt left out last year. We need to communicate to them on a regular basis--update them with progress. Also, get logos on TWSIA page.

There is a spreadsheet to track changes needed for OpenEdPractices for Nate

November 28th

Welcome Amber

Discussed OpenEd site to see what needs to be updated before announcement goes out

Reviewed pre-announcement (current version attached to this page)

November 21st

Ian will confirm date and location of conference by Thursday (or soon). Need this information for OpenEd site and announcements

Send announcements through listservs

Also send to teaching centers of Sakai schools (have list of some North American Higher Ed schools; need international list)

Also send to partners to send to their clients (rSmart, Longsite,...

Salwa will update OpenEd site

Salwa will write announcments. Also has sample communication to judges and more.

November 17th

Hello Communication Committee volunteers!

Based on the Doodle poll we did for Planning Committee, I have come up with the following schedule for communication committee meetings.  Amber, I apologize in advance because I know you did not take part in the Doodle Poll.  However, I have limited time and several committees, so I had to make some quick decisions.  I hope that you can make at least some of these.

The next four meetings are: (Note these are all set in Pacific Time zone)

Monday, Nov. 21  8:00am
Monday, Nov. 28  8:00am
Friday, Dec. 2  8:00am
Tuesday, Dec. 13  9:00am

These are the critical meetings for getting a communication plan together to advertise our progress on the TWSIA planning and to get the information out so that faculty will begin to submit their work in January.  In addition, I am hoping the communication committee will help me create appropriate communication vehicles to get our sponsors on board.

Following the winter holidays, the communication committee will meet in March and April to put together the finalists announcement, awards announcements, and the communication around the winners and their presentations at the Sakai Conference in June.

I know you are all hard workers with lots of experience, so I anticipate we can get through this even with the short timelines.

I will send you separately call in numbers or webconference sites.  Again, thank you for volunteering.


To join the Communications committee please contact for information on how to access the Adobe Connect Sessions

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