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OpenEd Practices

After community input, discussion, thought and domain name research, we have reached the conclusion that the best candidate for a new independent name for our site is:

OpenEd Practices

Which, conveys our mission to "open" dialog and best practices for teaching and learning using open/community source tools and adopts the independent flavor demonstrated by the Fluid Project ( It also seems to distill some of the best ideas from our thinking (below and elsewhere) into something that stands out a bit, but is pronounceable, meaningful, and most of all, available (wink)

We envision a site titled "OpenEd Practices" that also presents a tagline/short mission statement making the full purpose of the site clear. Maybe something like:

"OpenEd Practices: A community of practice for teaching and learning with open/community-source tools."

Or longer, something like:

"OpenEd Practices brings together discussion, best practices and tools for teaching and learning with open and community-source technology."

Unless anyone has strong dislike for this name, the machinery will be put in place to start migrating the OSP community library to this new site. The OSP site will remain at and will subscribe to portfolio-specific content from OpenEd Practices.

This will also allow us to advertise the Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award 2008 from the new site.

We will keep discussion open till the end of the OSP call 11am-12pm EDT, Monday, 3/17/2008 to make sure everyone gets a chance to weigh in on this decision. We can also discuss it during the T&L call 1-2PM EDT, Friday, 3/14/2008.

Thanks everybody for your contributions and on- and off-line discussions. Special kudos to Wende Morgaine who coined the term "OpenEd" and will always be an important "hinge" for such openings (wink)

Branding Key Concepts

Discuss possible global name/branding/domain alternatives for the combined T&L repository/community library.

Most suggestions to date have revolved around the idea of:

  • teaching and learning

combined with the idea of:

  • collection
  • library
  • repository

but there is also the idea of:

  • community (of practice)
  • collaboration
  • sharing
  • conversation
  • open source


Drop everything you think here. Come on, don't be shy. There are no stupid ideas. One thing leads to another.

  • The Practice Depot
  • The Open Classroom
  • Spotlight on Teaching (or more simply the SPOT) - [Josh Comment: I like the general approach but I'm feel that "Spotlight" is too common]
  • The Teaching Practices Digital Collection
  • Teaching and Learning Gathering
  • TechWise Learning




Education Source
Teaching Source

Trying to get at the theme of this being a source for teachers. We could then call it "The Source"

EduSource is used by a Canadian group who is working with learning object repositories.  Might be confusing to use it.


Brainstorm around the idea of creating a fountain of educational content, ideas, materials, etc. that anyone can come and "drink" from....we could call it "The Fountain"


iTeach - iLearn

iTeach could stand for "innovative teaching" but it is a nice play on words in terms of the statement "I Teach".  At Marist our Sakai instance is locally branded as "iLearn (innovative learning environment and research network) and it has been well received.

iLearn would probably not work well given that we use it at Marist but I am open to considering it.


None...just a wild idea...playing around.



By Educators, For Educators



Teachers Against Poor Pedagogy


The InFocus Teaching Practices Project

Comes back to the Spotlight idea, with a less cheesy name.

Post your idea...




  1. The Pedagogy Post (I still like the formal word "pedagogy"...)

    But the suggestions above are better.

    The Pedagogy Pile
    Ha, ha! Well, you asked for it.

  2. I like "The Practice Post" because it doesn't sound like half-a-dozen other educational technology sites I've heard of before. It's a challenge to come up with something that isn't so generic as to fade into all those others.

  3. It might be good to work the work "project" (or something like that) into the title to indicate that it's an ongoing effort.

  4. My colleague Ellis suggests
    "Teaching Practices Repository."
    Repository is a good word--meaning "storehouse" or "container."

    Or how about:
    "Instructional Practices Collection."

  5. Love it! It's like... wow! Bon travail, groupe! Mathieu

  6. OpenEd Practices--great name!!