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The Apereo Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month to discuss and identify areas of interest and individuals who would like to contribute to working in these areas over the coming year. If you have questions or topics you want to present or hear, please email one of the meeting facilitators.

All Apereo community members are welcome on these calls.

To subscribe to one of the related Apereo mailing lists, please refer to the Communications Page.

Meet the Teaching and Learning Call Facilitators

Matt Burgess, University of Virginia

Matt Burgess
University of Virginia

Neil Caidin, Apereo Foundation

Neal Caidin
Apereo Foundation

Trisha Gordon

Trisha Gordon
University of Virginia

On This Page

Meeting Logistics

We are currently meeting on 1st and 3rd Wednesdays from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (1000 - 1100) Eastern Time (New York). If you are in a time zone that prevents you from participating during this time, please contact any of the meeting facilitators to discuss other ways of participating.

Join Meetings via Web Conference and Etherpad

We use Big Blue Button as the online meeting space and Etherpad to capture attendees and meeting notes.

  1. Join the Web Conference
    1. Join Big Blue Button (hosted by
    2. Choose Room 2 from the pop-down.
    3. Enter the password (join the ApereoTL email list or contact any of the meeting facilitators for the password).
    4. For audio by phone, dial: (352) 327-4267 or (855) 215-5935 (United States toll-free), then enter 27617# as the conference PIN number.
  2. Sign into Etherpad by clicking the hyperlinked Agenda topic in the Upcoming Meeting Schedule (at right).

Upcoming Meeting Schedule & Agenda Topics

DateAgenda - Click Topic to Sign Into EtherpadSpeaker & Affiliation
Apr 19T&L JIRA issues reviewNeal Caidin, Apereo Foundation
May 3Lessons Additions at Oxford (for Sakai 12)Adam Marshall, Oxford University
May 17TenJin Course Outliner (intro video)Nadine Blanchette, HEC Montreal
Jun 7Open Apereo Conference!! 

Meeting Archives

Apereo YouTube Channel Recordings

Etherpad Meeting Notes, Recordings, and Action Items Archive

Vote for Unscheduled Topics

Open poll

Closed polls

Vote for the (2-3) topics of most interest to you

Log into Confluence to vote for one or more topics, add topics, and/or change your votes.

Texas State marketing project for Sakai
22% 8 votes
Lessons enhancement project phase 2 update (LEaP-2)
19% 7 votes
Sakai Podcasts and Polls
3% 1 vote
Documentation Group update - Wilma
8% 3 votes
Open Badges
6% 2 votes
Migrating from Sakai 10 to 11 - from the Early Adopter trenches
22% 8 votes
Ways to structure your syllabus
3% 1 vote
SVC funds project update
6% 2 votes
Kaltura Media Gallery/KAF Integration
0% 0 votes
3rd party web conferencing integrations
0% 0 votes
Samigo Tests Enhancement Project update (STEP)
8% 3 votes
Apereo projects
3% 1 vote

Unscheduled Topics Wishlist

  • FARM lightning presentations
  • Sakai Podcasts and Polls
  • Kaltura (multimedia delivery) integration
  • Apereo projects (Neal will check w/key project leads)
    • Open Cast, Xerte (Sakai-free zones every other 1st or 3rd Wednesday?)
  • Open Badges
  • >>> Migrating from Sakai 10 to 11 - from the Early Adopter trenches <<<
  • Ways to structure your syllabus - suggested by Dave E
  • Online course show and tell - structuring with Lessons  
  • Experiences with new version of Syllabus
  • Tingin: Online course tool - HEC Montreal
  • Luisa's faculty workshops presentation from Open Apereo   - Luisa Li


JIRA Teaching and Learning Filter

See table below the Note and Actions table.

Link to 2 minute video showing how to label issues in Jira, that will appear automagically below. 

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution
SAM-3166 Simplify a few date settings on Samigo settings Feature Request Feb 27, 2017 Apr 19, 2017 Matthew Jones Matthew Jones Major Open Unresolved
SAM-3158 Assign partial credits for test (More questions types) Feature Request Feb 22, 2017 Apr 19, 2017 SAMIGO TEAM Werner Kaiser Major Awaiting Review Unresolved
SAM-3157 Penalty factor for test Feature Request Feb 22, 2017 Feb 27, 2017 SAMIGO TEAM Werner Kaiser Major Awaiting Review Unresolved
SAM-3154 Numeric Response -Mark with calculation error Feature Request Feb 21, 2017 Feb 27, 2017 SAMIGO TEAM Werner Kaiser Major Awaiting Review Unresolved
SAM-3152 samigo: Poor placement of add questions drop-down on assessment editing screen Bug Feb 17, 2017 Apr 03, 2017 SAMIGO TEAM Tiffany Stull Critical Open Unresolved
SAM-3083 samigo: Settings page doesn't warn/prevent save if Feedback display date is earlier than latest acceptance date. Bug Dec 01, 2016 Apr 18, 2017 SAMIGO TEAM Tiffany Stull Major Open Unresolved
SAM-3030 Inconsistencies around grading with group assigned assessments Bug Sep 22, 2016 Apr 18, 2017 SAMIGO TEAM Matthew Jones Critical Open Unresolved
SAM-3018 Samigo suggested text string changes for clarification in settings Feature Request Sep 08, 2016 Dec 22, 2016 SAMIGO TEAM Tiffany Stull Minor Awaiting Review Unresolved
SAM-2798 Receive a warning message when clicking the 'late accept date' radio button and don't enter a late accept date Feature Request Apr 05, 2016 Apr 19, 2017 SAMIGO TEAM Raúl Sánchez Vegas Major Awaiting Review Unresolved
SAM-2727 Allow instructor to release comments on the overall assessment without releasing questions Feature Request Mar 04, 2016 Apr 26, 2016 Neal Caidin Terry Golightly Major Open Unresolved
SAM-2696 Jump to last saved question after resuming assessment Feature Request Jan 18, 2016 Jan 19, 2016 SAMIGO TEAM Roger Brown Major Awaiting Review Unresolved
SAM-2691 Add support for QTI export/import to image map question type Feature Request Jan 06, 2016 Aug 18, 2016 Core Team Neal Caidin Major Open Unresolved
SAM-2322 Number of assessment submissions allowed not reflected in /direct URL Bug Apr 03, 2014 Sep 21, 2015 SAMIGO TEAM Trisha Gordon Major Awaiting Review Unresolved
SAM-1212 Randomization failure when creating a quiz from a question pool Bug May 23, 2011 Aug 01, 2016 SAMIGO TEAM David Roldán Martínez Critical Open Unresolved
SAM-1113 Ability to flag question as Extra Credit Feature Request Feb 01, 2011 Apr 19, 2017 SAMIGO TEAM Nicola Monat-Jacobs Major Open Unresolved
SAK-32428 Add 'Class Test' to Event Types Feature Request Apr 07, 2017 Apr 17, 2017 Unassigned Sam Lee Pan Minor Awaiting Review Unresolved
SAK-32306 Peer Review: Export list of reviewers Feature Request Mar 08, 2017 Apr 07, 2017 Core Team Sam Lee Pan Major Open Unresolved
SAK-32209 Strange way to run the resubmission option in the configuration of an assignment Bug Feb 20, 2017 Feb 20, 2017 Core Team manuel almansa leandrez Major Awaiting Review Unresolved
SAK-32035 Replace courier service in chat with some other service Feature Request Dec 20, 2016 Jan 09, 2017 Unassigned Matthew Jones Major Open Unresolved
SAK-31216 Adding Rubrics to Sakai Samigo and Assignments Contributed Patch May 16, 2016 Apr 12, 2017 Unassigned Fernando Major Awaiting Review Unresolved
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