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  • Agenda for Lesson BoF @ Open Apereo 2015
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Initial proposal for the Lessons BoF at Open Apereo 2015. This is at 10.45 on Wednesday, June 3rd

  1. [LEAP report – prob. not necc. as it will be covered elsewhere]
  2. Lessons & Site Stats / Analytics
  3. Can Lessons replace the Home Tool (after a few enhancements)?  See:!msg/sakai-dev/7s-ZW5BzHGM/l8DvPTHiTDoJ 
  4. When do you hide all other tools and just expose through Lessons? Are there 2 site paradigms: “Lessons & with other tools hidden” & “No Lessons” 
  5. CK Edit plugins: content authoring everywhere? How does this relate to Lessons?
  6. Making lessons pages look better: use CSS / "Lessons page templates"? / LEAP outputs
  7. LEAP 2? IE, wishlist / what’s next?
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