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  • A Quick Guide to the Sakai Community
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This page is a draft of what every newcomer should know about the way to get involved with the Sakai Community. Feel free to edit or add information, or even ask questions in the "Comments" area at the bottom of the page. Short URL to this page:

It's not Rocket Science. If you are new to the community, there are three URLs you need to know...

The Sakai Foundation Website

This is where you will find all the basic information about Sakai and links to the conferences. See to register for the mailing lists.

Sakai Confluence Wiki

This site is where most of the work is done. Each group as a section where they keep track of their work. You don't need to have an account to read the wiki, but if you want to write something you'll need one. So create an account and jump in! The same account is used for Confluence and Jira.

  • Instructions, with pictures, for Confluence access: How to Contribute to a Page
  • Confluence 2.9 User Guide
  • To manage your own pages, use labels for retrieval later.  To see everything you've done in Confluence, insert this macro at the end of your own profile text:

Here are some wiki spaces you might find interesting:

Sakai Jira Trouble Tickets System

Create an account first (the same account is used for Confluence and Jira). Bugs and requirements and tracked here. You can submit a ticket, watch existing ones, and vote for the ones you want the community to prioritize.

Conference Calls and Minutes

We often use weekly conference calls to conduct the research and development of Sakai.  The agenda (before) and the minutes (afterward) are usually kept as individual pages subordinate to the main page of the group or sub-group holding the meeting.  During the meeting, we use note-pad web services such as Etherpad for community contributions, and then copy those notes to the Confluence pages.  For instructions, see How to Take Notes in Meetings.

 Other Sakai Resources to Get Started