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Participants: Mary Miles, Charlie, John, Eddie, Sue, Janet, Robin.

Agenda Items

1. VA Tech Regional Conference Follow-Up

  • Aileen - she would be available on the second morning.
  • More proposals in - Deadline next week.
  • 10 proposals submitted, more have expressed interest.
  • Registration is up and running on Educonference:
  • Web material in coming up next week.
  • Contact with Salim next week. Could use its Breeze web conferencing tool.
  • fallback plan: Sue - Elluminate, Josh - iLink
  • No need for a kick-off event at VA Tech:
    • Integrated with keynote.
    • BOF session.
    • Info in participant's kit.

2. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

TWSIA09 Planning

  • Sponsorship plan: coming up.
  • Discussed the sponsorship levels. Mathieu argues that there should be an open category for smaller contributions, but has to be clarified/discussed.
  • Need to contact Nate for a sponsor page, and this year's award page.
  • Need to find out a convenient time for Nate, Sue, and Mathieu to discuss changes to OpenEdPractices.
  • Judging: Sue has lots of people who want to get involved.
    • She did not get any new proposal for the external judges spots.