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Participants: Mathieu Plourde, Hannah Reeves, Dale Voorhess, Aileen Huaug, Maggie Lynch, Robin Hill, Janet deVry, Peter Knoop, Sahid? (new guy, welcome!), Salwa, Sue Roig, Josh Baron.

Agenda Items

1. Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award

  • Sue got some interest from some people, but they can't make the call.
  • Might want to get them involved with specific tasks.
  • Web conferences to present/moderate pedagogical practices?
  • Get a synchronous technology partner involved (Elluminate, Adobe Connect, iLink) or a classroom-capture company (Tegrity, Mediasite).
  • Judges: will be discussed next week.
  • Permanent judge structure.

A. Sponsorship Plan

2. VA Tech Regional Conference Follow-up

This point will be discussed next week. John Moore is not available for this week's call.

3. Sakai Community Hot Topics

A. Newbies' Integration

B. List Merger

  • Merge our list with OSP, User?
  • User list is a free for all...
  • Might turn off pedagogy folks.
  • OSP? There needs to be a more technical list...
  • Portfolios have a huge role
  • Peter: We want to make sure all lists are focused. No more dev on Users.
    • Make it more approachable. Avoid cross-posting.
    • Users, Pedagogy, OSP for the user side.
    • Need for a directory.
  • Need to avoid noise on the pedagogy list.
  • Local support for faculty. Should not ask technical questions.
  • Are we a Q&A or a project-driven mailing list?
  • People are encouraged to use the dev list. OSP has not been rolled-in yet. Historical reasons.
  • Should we get rid of the user list? Mostly announcements. = YES
  • Get practice question to Pedagogy/Portfolio/User list, everything else on Dev.

C. Content Authoring

  • Content Authoring Summit in September.

4. Hosting call options for international participants (ok, we have to test it for real... next week...)