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  • 8-27-2008 Conference Call
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Participants: Josh, Mathieu, Robin, Charlie, Eddie, John, Salwa, Kate, Steven.

Agenda Items

1. VA Tech Regional Conference

  • John has a summary of proposals, including 6 from VA Tech.
  • 7 proposals from outside VA Tech (5 institutions, 2 companies).
  • Should find a way to identify who are faculty members.
  • Janet suggests a faculty from UD, will contact him.
  • No obligation but the Paris conference. Aileen and Salim wanted to do more.
  • Janet will follow-up with Aileen. Funding for travel?
  • An award winner as a keynote? Possibility...
  • Small amount of money in the budget to support keynote travel. John will pursue this track and come back to this group.
  • Robin will send a proposal on migration.
  • Unicon might present.
  • Unicon might have a keynote speaker.
  • Presentation on Marketing/Adoption strategies.
  • Get Rutgers to talk about OSP?
  • Mark David Milliron, from North Carolina ( Outstanding speaker. For Boston? Judging for TWSIA?
  • Steve has video footage for K12.

  • Logistics: From Roanoke to Va Tech, $3 bus.
  • Lunch and breaks are included, not dinner.
  • $125, might be a early bird special.
  • Greensboro Airport is 2 hours away.
  • Google Map.

2. TWSIA 09

  • Josh and Mathieu will use the next two weeks to work on a final draft for sponsorship plan.
  • Folks in South Africa have put up a similar judging process. Will be involved.
  • We are on target so far.
  • Sponsors have to be secured by mid-October.
  • Levels of sponsorship discussion. Will offer IBM top level first.
  • Who will be the contact? Josh for IBM, others TBD.
  • Reach out for a VoIP sponsor? Sue has a contact with Elluminate.