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  • 7-30-2008 Conference Call
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Participants: Sue Roig, Salwa, Steven Foehr, Kate Ellis, Joan Lafuse, Mathieu Plourde, Mary

Agenda Items

1. TWSIA 2009

  • An announcement has been posted to the newsletter to invite more people to join the T&L effort.
  • Get more people involved.
  • Need to work on the sponsorship plan.
  • Need to gather other sponsorship plans, to get a sense of what we should include in ours.
  • Cross-posting to User, K12 group. Get Michael involved.
  • Write a reflection on the effectiveness of the last year's award.
  • Find K12 sponsors to have a K12 award.
  • Get judges from the sub-categories.
  • Ask winners and runners to be on the committee, mostly on judging and submission process.
  • Need to feature winners in our sponsorship plan, have them on video.
  • Publish to the other lists.
  • Kate will write down a survey to last year's participants.

2. VA Tech Regional Conference Follow-Up

  • Eddie & John not present... Skipping topic.

3. OpenEdPractices call for content

  • Nate not present, skipping.

4. Working with other community groups

  • A lot of activity on the lists about content authoring.

5. Hosting call options for international participants

  • VoIP with iLink
  • Get the Foundation involved?