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  • 7-29-2009 Conference Call
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Call-In Information

Calls are currently taking place on Wednesdays at 11:30 AM EST (New York, USA) each week.

  • The Conference Bridges support both Internet (e.g., Polycom, XMeeting (for MacOS), Ekiga (Linux, Windows)) and telephone connections:
    • Telephone: +1 812 856 7060
    • Internet:


  • Conference Code: 386#
  • PIN: 72524#

Participants: Janice Smith, Mathieu Plourde, Sean Keesler, David Goodrum


1. Requirements

  • The OSP Community is using Action Verbs to describe needs for Sakai 3.0:
  • New task force to focus on Requirements
  • Focus on T&L
  • Cultural divide between Developers vs Users
  • Sakai 3 is our opportunity to build features in the core services
    • We could try to consolidate current Jira feature requests...
  • Global requests get buried in Jira
  • The OSP Community documents and approves enhancements to the community code via the following process:
  • These OSP docs are being considered as a possible template by Clay, product council
  • Faculty members may have crazy ideas, those ideas should be implemented at some point...
  • Michael K. in a post had suggested getting 20 faculty from 20 institutions to post short descriptions of needs/ideas
  • Bias from the fact that ideas come from users
  • Institutions are not putting a lot of resources to shape the future, focus on local short term issues.
  • LMSs have always focused on faculty and students, administrators have been ignored.
    • Meta-work should be included.
    • Sakai would be easier to sell, since it would target the people who have access to the wallet.
  • Gathering feedback sets expectations that cannot be met by smaller institutions.
    • Have to find allies in the community.

... So, what's next?

  • Is there a timeline?
  • What is our process?
  • We need to step in right away.
  • David has already worked on a very rough visioning Excel doc -- a rough stab at mapping T&L needs to capabilities and functional visioning. Needs feedback. It's linked from this pageon A Community Process for Requirements Gathering that was started by Josh Baron.
  • We have to nail down our vision in something that will get buy-in from the Developers.
    • Design is a process, we need to work in tight loops instead of in a vacuum.
  • We need to chunk the bigger task in sub-tasks that are achievable. This expertise is not easy to find in the community.
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