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  • 7-16-2008 Conference Call
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Participants: Josh Baron, Jon Hays, Salwa Khan, Aileen Huang, Maggie Lynch, Robin Hill, Tina?, Jim Farmer, Eddie Watson, John Moore, Mathieu Plourde, Salim, Mary, Sue Roig, I missed a couple...

Agenda Items

1. Welcome to all new participants

2. 2008-2009 Objectives

(See last week's discussion)


2.2 Community Work

2.3 Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award 2009

  • Rethinking the sponsorship model.
    • Need for a sponsorship plan.
  • Pool of funds for Gold-Silver-Bronze awards.
  • Need for VIP judges? Was it worth the effort?
  • Sue will be chair. (she hasn't changed her mind... yet (wink) )


  • Concerns about the number of submissions (25 was though already). Might need to divide the workload.
  • VIP judges: independent vision.

Sue: Next steps

  1. Build a committee
  2. Find judges: an insider and an outsider

Concern about technological focus vs. pedagogical focus.
Apply to a specific category? Area of studies, in-class vs. distance, undergrad vs. grad.
Have subject matter experts be judges.
Develop an expectation sheet (time, technology) for judges.
Name-recognition vs. expertise.
Last year's process: Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award 2008


  • Process was long. Could be a two-step process (initial vs. complete).
  • Word limit is frustrating.
  • Using the rubric is helpful.
  • Save draft. Get UI more useful.


  • Word count helped to focus.


  • Who is interested? Start with a table for sign-up.
  • Must create a page... Mathieu will assist on the page creation.
  • Categories: Sponsorship, Judging, final judges, entries, maintaining the site, etc.

Need for a spin-off call for the TWSIA? Not really.
Have more stuff done asynchronously. Report during the T&L call.

Wiki gardening. Mathieu and Josh.

VoIP options to be discussed.

3. Virginia Tech Regional Meeting (Eddie Watson)

  • November Sakai Conference at Virginia Tech (focus of conference is teaching and learning as well as adoption/migration strategies).
  • Input requested regarding topics and organization.
  • Sign-up and Details

John Moore from VA Tech: Fall regional meeting Nov 11-12 2008 (opening reception on the 10th).
Teaching and learning focus + Migration from legacy.
General session, breakout sessions.
We should work, not just listen.
150 attendees expected.

  • Working track + presenter track for newbies?
  • Presentation day + and working group day?
  • Case study hackathon, OpenEdPractices Hackathon, pedagogically sound scenarios, arguments to sell Sakai to faculty, administrators. Start from rSmart stuff.
  • Breakout sessions per tool.
  • Find facilitators that would present on the first day.
  • Names of folks who would be interested in paper review or organization of conference.
  • Use educonference site?
  • Lock-in of the program in the 3rd week of September?
  • General call vs formal process for proposal.
  • Must have a cut-off number of attendees.
  • Have Aileen and Salim presentations. Aileen agree. Salim could use Adobe Connect.
  • Timing is bad in North America. Might be better off to have a less formal process.
  • Follow-up in two weeks on this call.
  • Have people who sign-up put more info on their interests/strenghts/expectations.
  • Mathieu will help set up the page.