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  • 7-15-2009 Conference Call
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Overview:  Most of this call was dedicated to debriefing on the Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award as well as the pre-conference workshop held at the conference last week.
NOTES from Debrief:

  • Updates/changes to application process on
    •  Do we need to change the application itself
      • Allow for easier screenshots
      • Address issues of setting word count
    • Should we re-think OpenEdPractices in terms of how things are entered and displayed? UI changes?
      • Could we use this for capturing "functional visioning" or other use cases
      • How could we make the information more useful to developers and designers
      • Look at workflow and how it might be improved in terms of improving interactions between developers/designers
      • Could be used locally for institutions to record best practices
      • End-user-support might be interested in using it as well, they are interested in engaging more on T&L issues/needs
      • John will talk with Nate about improvements
    • Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award feedback
      • How do we encourage folks who are not extreme innovators to submit award application
        • Should we create an "exemplary" category that provided a lower bar
          • We could use the current rubric but not ask for significant innovation
          • Sloan has an award that is aimed at "effective practice"
      • We could consider bringing student from the 1st and 2nd place winners classes to the conference
        • This would be great for ePortfolio projects
      • We only had two active judges this year but had wanted three
        • Maggie Lynch may be interested in being third judge
        • Keep Karen and Ken if they are interested
        • We would not have an international representative, but we could try and get folks involved in the first round of judging
      • Moving some of the work to the Foundation
        • Getting the word out internationally has been a challenge, Foundation could likely get the word out better
        • Sue would be open to chair but could also co-chair
    • Pre-conference workshop
      • We might want to shift the focus from a lot of short presentations to a few in depth hands-on activities
      • Workshop on how to create a course and leverage tools for innovation
      • Approaches would be grounded in teaching and learning theory
        • Problem-based courses, active learning, student-centered, etc.
      • We need to consider the audience, are the faculty or instructional technologist/designers
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