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  • 7-11-2008 Conference Call
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1. Call 1-888-447-7153 (International Dial in number is 847-619-4470)
2. Enter in the Passcode: 5057885 (then hit the "#" key)
3. Listen to the nice music until the Leader joins.

Participants: Karl, Josh, Matt, Robin, Joan, Hannah

Agenda Items

0. Welcome Karl and Joan (wink)

  • Karl from UC Santa Clara
  • Joan from Indiana

1. Debriefing on the Sakai Conference

Only positive feedback from the TWSIA.

2. Setting up a day/time to accommodate international participants

  • 11 AM or noon, Eastern time, seem to be the most appropriate time slots to accommodate the West coast folks and Europe/South Africa.
  • 11:30 would be better for folks on the West coast.
  • Friday PM might not the best time for Europe
  • Wednesday, Thursday?
  • Let's post a new day/time and ask for feedback: Wednesday, 11:30 AM EDT.

3. 2008-2009 Teaching and Learning Group Objectives

3.1 OpenEd Practices

  • Share more practices!
    • Fund someone to populate it?
    • Call for content to the entire Sakai community.
    • Make it apart of the workload of some people.
  • Blog entries
  • Interface design and functionality

How should we organize the submissions? What should we ask to share?
We need to fix what is there before. Lots of different types of info.
Normalize the type of info that is asked.
Not a content repository.
Mostly an Instructional Technologist task to add stuff. Will attract faculty as an audience.
A place for Research Practices? Might be a good idea...

  • Action Items:
  1. Redefine the submission process
  2. Call for content

3.2 Getting a better sense of what other groups are up to

  • UX and Fluid
    • Give use cases to UX folks
    • Push UX into the development workflow
    • Nathan could ask this group to gather feedback
    • Joan says that grassroot efforts are better at developing a good learning environment. Need to invert the model of Sakai in a sense.
  • Content Authoring
  • User Documentation
  • Quality Assessment
  • OSP
  • Push T&L issues up in the requirements list (Jira)

We should have members of this group assigned to other groups to report back.
We should get involved from the beginning, not only at the end. Get direct input from faculty.
Have a collective voice on Jira. Push some issues for Teaching and Learning.
Keep a list of T&L priorities (pump Jira tickets in our Confluence site).
We all have to keep a close relationship with faculty locally.
Offer our services to the community to gather faculty feedback.

3.3 Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award 2009

  • Sue agreed to be the chair
  • Form committee
  • Define timeline
  • Assign tasks

Since the process is in place, the award committee could work a little bit more on their own.

Promoting Exemplary and Innovative Teaching with Sakai (from Paris conference)

  • Rethink the sponsorship model? Discount for sponsoring for commercial affiliates?
  • Gold/Silver/Bronze levels of sponsorship
  • Ask winning faculty to present at subject specific conferences (and finance their efforts).
  • Have VIP judges? Too much effort for nothing? Is getting an outsider view important?
    • People on the committee seemed qualified enough in Joan's eyes...