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1. Call 1-888-447-7153 (International Dial in number is 847-619-4470)
2. Enter in the Passcode: 5057885 (then hit the "#" key)
3. Listen to the nice music until the Leader joins.

Participants: Josh Baron, Robin Hill, Nate Angel, Victor Edmonds, Kate Ellis, Sue Roig, Dan Tiger?

Agenda Items

Paris Conference - TWSIA

  • Press release to wires out yet? Josh will check
  • The "Award Ceremony" will be short (15 minutes) before Keynote on Wednesday morning; will include John Norman (Sakai Board) + IBM representative + Someone from award committee, and of course the two award winners
  • Josh will try to move "winner's presentation" to time slot immediately following keynote
  • Update from Josh: His health is not good - he's having problems with his hip and may not be able to travel to Paris - will know more next week

Paris Conference - Pre-conference workshop

"Teaching with Sakai" with Chuck Severance and (hopefully) Josh Baron

  • 3 hours long; no detailed plans yet
  • rather than a working session for the T&L group, this will be a time for showing exemplars and networking
  • we brainstormed a bit about possible topics / activities:* Innovation / best practices with Sakai tools
  • How to show course sites without exposing student data, screen shots? recordings made by instructor with screen capture software or perhaps recording an Acrobat Connect session (or with similar software)
  • Additional topics or perhaps breakout sessions:
    • Sharing training documents and video tutorials
    • Approaches to professional development for faculty
      Dinners? Sunday eve? Tuesday eve? Time to invite TWSIA winners and some foundation board members

OpenEd Practices site

Tabled till next week

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