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Present: Josh Baron, Robin Hill, Brian Moynihan (Univ. of North Carolina), Sue Roig, Salwa Khan, Kate Ellis, Reba Anna

Welcome and introduction to Brian, current concerns of the T&L group (awards, preconference session, requirements definition)

Preconference Session:

Josh will contact Steve; Sue will enter her details. The number of participants seems almost sufficient, but Josh will send one more appeal, asking for volunteers by Wednesday next week. Robin and Josh will contact a couple of people about the details of their segments.

We will emphasize the relation to teaching, and Josh will make up slide templates for each of "Fives" that ask about the incident and its relation to teaching.

We will try to meet before the preconference session on Tuesday, perhaps over lunch.

Conference Concerns:

Scheduling! Might get an additional room. Josh wonders whether the Marist student talk can be expanded to include the instructor. Questions about travel and swine flu have been raised, out of our control. Details of award winners' dinner and tokens.

Product Council reminder from Josh-- possible interest in Google Wave, a combination of synchronous and asynchronous communication. Blogs: Planet Sakai, Eliterate, and Chuck Severance's, and, of course, Michael Korkuska's.

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