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  • 6-20-2008 Conference Call
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Participants: Josh, Mathieu, Maggie, Karl Forest, Nate, Kate.

Agenda Items

Paris Conference Presentations

Pre-Conference Workshop - Teaching With Sakai

Promoting Exemplary and Innovative Teaching with Sakai

1) Background of the TWSIA - Matt - 10 min
2) Engage with the rubric and process - Maggie - 10 min +
3) Showcase Honorable mentions - Janet - 10 min
4) Showcase two others from Top 10 - Kate - 10 min
5) Q & A
5) Next steps: Invite participants to the BOF

The Wiki Tool

  • Josh will send 3 slides about his examples. Matt will integrate them into a larger PPT file.

Tentative Agenda:

  1. Intro: breakout group discuss what a wiki is, and it can be used. They post their answers on the conference wiki. 5 minutes
  2. Matt discusses the basics of what wikis are. 5 minutes
  3. Matt shows some examples from UD. 5 minutes
  4. Josh shows examples from Marist. 10 miutes
  5. Matt presents different ways to use the Sakai wiki (content authoring, migration from WebCT, groups, permissions, comments, subsections, JSMath, etc.) 15 minutes
  6. Josh moderates: List requirements (Look at Jira?). 10 minutes
  7. Q&A, open mic. Whatever's left...
  8. Josh asks: Organize a BOF?

To review some materials describing proposed enhancements to the website, there are things to consider on every page of the wiki area for the collection, but there are three primary areas to review:

Nate did a presentation about at the JaSIG conference this spring, and is scheduled to do a similar presentation at the Sakai Paris conferences.

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