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  • 6-13-2008 Conference Call
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Participants: Josh, Janet, Kate, Dale, Matt, Nate, Chuck, Maggie (an hour late LOL), Michael

Agenda Items

1. Paris Conference - Pre-conference workshop Updates

We don't know the audience...

Pre-Conference Planning Page

  • If runner-ups are attending, have them present during the pre-conference?
  • Some were not in the top 10

  • Chuck: 30 minutes
    • Make Sakai be public
    • Learning communities
    • Open education, fair use, creative commons
    • Panel discussion

      [* Faculty development models
    • ETUDES: Train the trainer
    • Marist
    • Virginia Tech
    • Delaware
    • Indiana: more conceptual, not tool training
    • Teaching for tenure?
    • Put our stuff up for next Friday

2. Paris Conference - TWSIA updates

Award Announcement

  • Before the keynote on Wednesday
  • Have a slide show with
    • Names of winners
    • Sponsors
    • Committee
    • Special thanks to rSmart

Winners will split a 75 minutes session after the keynote.

Runner-ups session

  • Janet, Matt, Kate, and Maggie
  • No need for a lot of discussion on OpenEd, use the BOF instead.

3. Birds Of a Feather

  • Discussion for next year's award
  • Must be after the winner's presentation
  • Thursday from 4-5 would be the most probable time

4. OpenEd Practices site

  • Nate wants to add some content
  • Glossary is being put up
  • Plans for next updates
    • Site is in repository mode
    • Not an introduction verbiage on home page
    • Promote institutions and people profiles
      • Featured profiles
    • Showcase info from other sites
      • Events channel
      • News channel
      • Aggregate feeds and blogs
      • Practices vs courses vs resources
  • Need for a BOF?
    • Use this community first
    • Get Marist to help Nate to modify the site before the Paris conference

5. Dinner arrangements

  • Sunday: Just us
  • Monday: Nothing yet
  • Tuesday: Nothing yet
  • Wednesday: Winners, Sakai Board, Keynote.
  • Thursday: After BOF, invite new members
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