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Call-In Information

Calls are currently taking place on Wednesdays at 11:30 AM EDT (New York, USA) each week.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that the US is now on Daylight Savings Time.

  1. Call 1-888-447-7153 (International Dial in number is 847-619-4470)
  2. Enter in the Passcode: 5057885 (then hit the "#" key)
  3. Listen to the nice music until the Leader joins.

Participants: Jon Hays, Josh Baron, Mathieu Plourde, Salwa Khan, Sue Roig, Robin Hill, Janet de Vry

1. Boston Pre-Conference

  • Issue with T&L pre-conference session... Board meeting in the afternoon that Josh has to attend.
    • Reba-Anna or Brian could fill in for Josh.
    • Need to promote the pre-conference workshop to let people arrange their travel consequently.
    • 10 people listed X 15 minutes = 2:30 hours.
    • Focus need to be on consequence on pedagogy, faculty, or students.
    • Not necessarily intended to be focused on the deployment of Sakai.
    • Sue: Impact of the technical side on pedagogy is huge.
    • Mathieu: We are Educational Technologists, so we'll mostly share ET stories...
    • Jon: There is a value in sharing ET stories, but we would like to get more faculty stories. We talk about this every day.
    • Robin: Nothing faculty do is spectacular... They use the tools!
    • Jon: Should we focus on finding nuggets?
    • Mathieu: Does it have to be Sakai specific?
    • Josh: We should focus on faculty practices.
    • Sue: Shame parts are deployment and technology-heavy...
    • The shame part should point fingers at us, not at faculty. How WE interfered with good teaching.
    • We need to follow-up with the people on this list. Josh will send an email to the presenters to clarify.
    • Robin will keep up with the page to make sure there is a T&L focus and contact presenters as time goes on.
    • June 5th as the deadline (hotel deal deadline).

2. TWSIA Winners

  • Sue: All presenters have presented in a two day period. Elluminate worked great.
  • One of the judges did not participate. Never heard back from him.
  • The order was unanimous from the judges.
  • Still need to determine who's coming to Boston.
  • Sue will communicate with the rogue judge and take his name off the OpenEdPractices site.
  • Josh: Budget update:
    • Invoices were sent to IBM, Wiley, rSmart by Mary Miles.
    • Not paid yet.
    • We will proceed anyway.
    • The Foundation could covert up to $1,000 if we run a bit over budget.
    • Flying folks in from Australia is expensive, and there is a big difference in airfare, depending on the number of transfers.
    • Pay for hotel and conference fee only for 3rd and 4th place, not travel. They are planning to come anyway. Make them both honorable mentions.
    • Award letters? Who's going to send them out? Who's going to sign them? Janet, Sue, Josh will follow up by email.
    • Janet: We could get the Foundation to drive the Award (Communications Manager).