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Agenda Items

1. Review of the judging process to date - Kate

  • confirm dates and times with judges, finalists and committee KATE
  • Maggie will "host" web conferences via Adobe Connect MAGGIE
  • finalists and judges may schedule practice time with Maggie by emailing her
  • notify winners and finalists, by email and or phone. SUE (follow with letter from Foundation and certificate) Kate was going to send them out. She was going to include something about breeze and the call in number from email sent 4/25
  • notify those not selected by email SUE (include certificate, invitation to participate in Sakai)
  • web conferences with four finalists on Friday, May 9th and Monday May 12th, see the schedule on the Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award page
  • we need to know what the finalists' plans are if they should win--will they be attending the conference? KATE
  • Monday, May 12; judges chose winner and then rank other finalists
  • Decide on awards: Winner-travel or cash? Second winner who can travel? Small cash awards to all??? Janet will coordinate with Josh
  • Confirm awards with judges; committee members
  • notify winners and finalists, by email and or phone.
  • announcement to Sakai announce and pedagogy list JANET
  • announcement to Margaret for newsletter JANET
  • press release to media JOSH & MICHAEL
  • Official letter to winner and finalists from Sakai foundation JOSH & MICHAEL
  • Thank you letter to judges from Sakai Foundation JOSH & MICHAEL & JANET
  • Update TWSIA website with announcement of winner and finalists NATE KATE will email Nate and followup
  • Tuesday, May 13th: Make course profiles available for those who agreed to have them made public NATE

2. Unresolved issues - Janet

  • Confirm judges bios on web site and update JOSH MAGGIE & JANET
  • pay out of awards JOSH
  • confirm winners conference schedule JOSH
    award ceremony
    another session?
  • do we want to plan to have lunch or dinner together with the winner at the conference?
  • tentatively: Sunday eve-committee & Monday eve - award winer and T&L group
  • De-briefing FrIDAY CONFereNCe CALL MAY 30th

3. Paris Conference Teaching and Learning Track Update - Josh

  • Let's hold our Sunday and Monday evening for T&L dinners.
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