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NOTE: We will not meet next week, next conference call on 5-30.

Agenda Items

1. OpenEd Practices

Since we can expect a lot of traffic on OpenEd Practices...

  1. We have to make sure the home page makes sense
    1. change the right announcement to say Congrats to winners. Link to the winners.
    2. must change the TWSIA to showcase winners.
  2. We have to showcase out TWSIA winners in some way
  3. Changes/Improvements to OpenEd Practices
    1. Information architecture/Usability

2. Update on the Award

  1. Where are we at? 2 winners
  2. Mary Miles of the Sakai Foundation is handling expenses.
  3. Michael Korcuska is in charge of a professional press release.
  4. Paris details--both winners are hoping to travel to Paris. The conference committee will work with them on the details of the presentation and award ceremony.

3. T&L Group Next Steps

Now that the Award is almost done and that we do have access to a repository...

  1. What are the next steps?
    1. Define our goals for next year.
  2. What is our recruiting strategy?
    1. BOF about the Award in Paris?
  3. Documenting our efforts?
    1. We will hold a debriefing conference call end of May (5-30) to make sure we identify all roles and steps that made this work.
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