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Agenda Items

1. Online Application Form

  • The form is ready.
  • Kate's SurveyMonkey seems pretty straightforward.
  • Need to contact the judges and get a hold of their schedule, to try to get them together (Josh, Maggie, Janet).
  • Any feedback? People seem confused about the innovation part. They don't have to be innovative in every category.
  • Build an FAQ. Any registered user can add a FAQ. Create Content > tag with "twsia"
  • No judge from IBM

2. Paris Conference

  • 11 proposals on T&L so far.
  • Deadline: April 11.
  • Showcase of the winning course in Paris?
    • During the opening ceremony.
    • Highlight the session in which they will present (30-60 minutes?).
    • A IBM representative to give the award.
    • Highlighting the top tier (30 minutes or tech demos).
    • OpenEd Practices showcase of content (60 minutes or 2 X 30 minutes) - Josh will submit it.
  • Wikis in Sakai proposal: Matt, Josh, Janet
  • Janet has to go to Paris to buy dinner to Maggie (wink)

  • Pre-conference session on T&L
    • Discuss of the repository
    • Present best practices (5 minutes)

  • OSP pre-conference session - Need to combine in a full day to avoid conflicts. Melissa and Pete from Michigan.
  • Pre-conference: training, Post: discussion
  • n00b: during the conference
  • Poll during the day to cover what people need
  • Get more Europeans involved in T&L and OSP
  • Breakout groups

3. F2F Meetings between members of this group

  • Josh at Rhode Island Sakai
  • Reba-Anna, David, Sue and Hannah at La Guardia
  • INNOVATIONS at Marist on May 6
  • Maggie: Innovation Conference in Colorado
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