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  • 4-22-2009 Conference Call
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Participants: Josh, Janet, Mathieu, Sue, Robin, Peter


  • All finalists are scheduled for their interview on Elluminate Thursday and Friday (April 23-24, 2009).
  • If Janet or Josh can get in touch with Karen Swan or Ken Bain, it would be nice. Sue would like to make sure everything is fine.
  • Janet will try to get in touch with Ken Bain this afternoon.
  • Piet is good to go.
  • Josh, Mathieu, Sue, and Janet, will play a background role during the interviews. Only intro and time keeping.
  • Sue will do the intro, conclusion.
  • We will need to set another session for judges to discuss.
  • There could be one winner and a runner-up, or two winners. Let's leave it to the judges.
  • Mary has invoiced the sponsors.

2. Sakai Boston

  • Peter: Expect that the Keynote and Winners will be recorded.
  • Time to flesh out the details for the Fame/Shame/Frame.
  • Once the presenters are announced, send a reminder to find more people.
  • Already 8 or 10 people have signed-up.
  • Weds May 6: dedicated to Pre-conference workshop?

3. Next Week's CC

  • Sakai 2.6 presentation by Peter.
    • Connect for visuals, and Sakai Bridge for the audio.

4. New tasks for this group

  • Tool demos
  • Faculty practices
  • Requirements discussion
  • We will need to recruit more people to get new initiative rolling