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  • 4-18-2008 Conference Call
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Agenda Items

2. TWSIA: Pre-Sorting Process

  • Contest ends tonight. Got more applications, which is good.
  • We need to commit to review before next Friday 4-25. Let's block 2 hours.
  • Kate's Survey tool:
  • We will notify the semi-finalist on the 28th.
  • We will choose 3-4 finalists so the burden is lighter for the judges.

3. TWSIA: Judges

  • Getting the judges together is a priority. 4-23 at 4:00 PM Eastern (Ken?-Karen). This call will be recorded and forwarded.

  • Semi-finalists judging process
  • They will use Kate's Survey tool:

  • Finalists online meeting
  • Week of the 5th: web conferences.
  • Kate should be the point of contact.
  • We will use Marist's online system.
  • On the Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award 2008, we will post the availability of the judges and finalists.
  • Ask for 90 minutes blocks for the week of the 5th.
  • Open to all first round judges, Kate in all of them.
  • Announce the winner on May 22nd?

4. Paris Pre-Conference Workshop

5. Paris Using Sakai Track

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